Child Boards

* 3D Decoupage

This link will redirect you to the Instructions page for the 3D Decoupage technique on Handcrafted Greetings

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* Cut & Fold (LacÚ)

This will redirect you to the Cut & Fold pattern page on Handcrafted

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* Embroidery on Paper

This link will redirect you to the Embroidery page on Handcrafted

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* Iris Folding

This link will redirect you to the Iris folding instructions page on the Handcrafted Greetings Website.

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* Dry Embossing

Cards made with stencils and embossing folders

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* Paper Piecing

Examples of paper piecing

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* Parchment

Parchment is similar to dry embossing but the work is done on parchment paper.

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* Quilling

Oh, the things you can do with rolled up strips of paper!

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* Tea Bag Folding Instructions

Instructions for folding Square, round, octagonal and rectangular tiles.

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* Tea Bag Tiles

Print tea bag tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are lots to choose from.

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