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Attention Swappers
« on: October 08, 2013, 12:27:57 AM »
I am reminding everyone PLEASE make a card you are proud of for each swap you sign up for. It is not fair to those that put a lot of effort into making a pretty card to get one in return that is really not a good card, obviously made in a few minutes.
A good way to do this is the way Norma and I do, we make the card; when satisfied that it is worthy of our talent, THEN we sign up for the swap. If you just sign up for every swap and then life gets in the thing you know the deadline has arrived and now you card will be a hurried under par card or seriously late... neither scenario is fair to your partner.
I am pretty sure we do not have any beginner card makers in the group at this time (most of us have been together for awhile) if we do get a beginner sometime in the future we will be patient and try to help that person learn thru our examples.
Thank you for your participation in the swaps...keep them fun for all.