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Hello Everyone
« on: April 28, 2020, 07:09:45 PM »
Hello Everyone,
I'm new here to your group.  Donna T. told me about your group.  I signed up a few weeks ago and was going to leave a message,but with so much that is going on these days I got distracted and hadn't come back here to post.

I'm here now, and like to say Thank You Donna for telling me about the group and also Thank you Judy for excepting me in this group.  :) 

Here goes my story...  :D
I'm married to a wonderful guy, we will be celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary .  I've been stamping as long as I've been married.  He supports my addiction and goes to all the Rubberstamp Conventions.  We usually do an excursion trip in April to "Adventures In Stamping", but like everything these days it was postponed until July of this year. So, I have already made reservations at the Marriott in July. We also have two sons and a fur child. Ozzy is our fur child's name, he is our first small dog...ggg He is a Morkie and just turned two yrs old this month on April 21st. :)  We live out here in Stick Ville (country rural area of PA, I live in Darlington twp.) and have about an acre and half of land that our A-frame house sits on. :)   

I love all about this addiction... paper and red rubber, and embossing and doing all techniques.  I also love making junk journals and try to dabble in all kinds of mixed media.  Love to get my hand inky and stained.  I wear the ink like a badge on my fingers... who needs to run and get their nails done every few weeks when you have so many ink colors in your pallet when it comes to ggg  :D  I also enjoy pen paling and have been pen paling for years and years, ever since I was in the fourth grade.  I make note cards and etc with my stamps and my pals love it.  :) I also love to make Atc's and inchies and then the Circle Coins as well.  :D

Oh yeah, I will be celebrating my youngish 57th ( :o )  birthday next month on May 7th I don't let my age get in the way of anything, I don't act my age nor do I feel my age, ;D  Our wedding anniversary is on May 14th. :)

Looking forward in getting to know you all and hopefully exchanging some art.  Thanks Donna T for telling about this group. :) and again for Judy accepting me into this group.

Stay safe everyone and ((((((social distance hugs))))))
Robin Moore
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Re: Hello Everyone
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 01:54:20 PM »
Hello Robin, wonderful  people  here welcome  to   our   group, I am Norma,  and  with  all  the  great  people  here,  we   share lots  of   techniques with   each other   for  many years  now ..Looking  forward
To seeing   some  of  your   work. What  kind  of  dog  is  a  Morkie ? or is  this   it's  name .I  love   animals  ,  but   we  have   cats  now since   people  keep  dropping them  off in our  yard.
I  also  live  in   a  Rule area of  Ky. Yes  this   virus as  really  played  with   every ones  life, so  glad   I  have   Randy in  my  life.  We  have   been  married  for  going on 52 years  now. I  have   one   daughter who has   two  sons,  and  we  have   3  great   grand  children. We  see  them  on  the   phone since  the   virus,  looking  forward   to  a   big   hug from  them.
Do  check out  the  boards  here,  there is  a  lot  that  goes  on   and  any help  you   need   let  us  know  and  we  try  hard to  help any  way  we  can... Once   again   Welcome and  look  forward  to knowinf  you